Fighting the robber barons: Illegal debt card charges for overdrafts

News today that West Coast Bank reached an agreement with the FDIC relating to its “courtesy coverage” overdraft protection. According to Brent Hunsberger’s report in The Oregonian, the issue was ineffective opt outs. But there is a bigger problem with Oregon banks ordering transactions in a way that triggers a cascade of overdraft charges.

I’m particularly interested in this area and looking at various cases. If you have had multiple overdraft charges assessed by Umpqua Bank, I’m interested in talking to you about the problems.

While it’s good that the FDIC stepped in, I am concerned that they did not fully take care of consumers who were affected by West Coast Bank’s overdraft charges. Still, enforcement is essential. Failing that, those of us who dare to fight the robber barons provide the next best thing.

Feel free to contact me if you have a story about Umpqua or any other Oregon bank that is overcharging on overdraft fees.

David Sugerman

r paul reddy says

Hey David, again,Just following the emotional walk to which west coast bank did to my social sec.
Remember I contacted you about such an affair and I had contacted fdic and apparently investigated and never announced the settlement to me, still have all the paper work and seek remuneration and the duress that it's caused. I'm poised in Idaho right now and phone cut off again will re-up after the 4th of June.
contact via e:mail Pls.

David Sugerman says

Hi-we don't discuss potential cases on our blog. I am not licensed in Idaho and suggest you call someone there.

Barry Meskin says

Do you still have a case against Umpqua? I closed my account, they charged me 35.00 for each and every transaction, when negative in-spite of 3 or more calls to them about this regard.

David Sugerman says

Nothing current. Please call us at 503.228.6474 so that we can get more information.

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