Judge denies defense motions in Career Education Corp Western Culinary Institute class action

Happy to report that Judge Baldwin denied defendants’ motions for summary judgment and to decertify the class in Surrett v. Western Culinary Institute, our consumer fraud class action for former Western Culinary Institute/Le Cordon Bleu Portland students. We’re very pleased.

The gist of Judge Baldwin’s ruling is that there is sufficient evidence for a jury to decide whether the school and its parent corporation, Career Education Corp., defrauded students by failing to disclose important information. We’re very pleased. Now a bit more discovery and then full-on trial preparation.

It does look like we will be moving into mediation later this month. We had an early attempt at mediation long ago, and it failed miserably. Much  has happened since. Watch this space for updates or–for quicker information–like us at on Facebook here. We tend to post quicker updates there.

Katherine Howard says

Thank you Mr. Sugerman for your tenacity regarding this case...it has been long, and hopefully with the new mediation we will have resolution.

Now that Le Cordon Bleu is calling past students, a "Courtesy call" , I feel their actions a bit desperate.

Sarah Cohen says

Thank you so much for your hard work on this case. Perhaps the 700+ of us students who were frauded by this school will get our justice. (also, I had a change of address recently and would like to update my information in your files as part of the suit. Please let me know who to contact to update this. Thanks!)

David Sugerman says

Hi Sarah-Check the email that you used for the comment for instructions.

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