Comcast Oregon cable TV late fee class action settlement update

This seven year old consumer class action case is coming into its final stages. The time to file claims ended. Next Monday, July 11, the money for fees and charitable contributions gets paid. A month later, August 11, 2011, consumers who made claims should begin to see credits on their bills for those who continue as Comcast subscribers and checks for those who are former subscribers.

Keep in mind that Comcast can dispute claims. We have not been notified that Comcast intends to do so. We continue to serve the class through the claims process in case there are any problems.

We’ll keep watching, of course. If you made a claim and do not receive your credit or check. Keep in mind that Comcast is entitled to off set unpaid balances.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.


Jan says

Hi, I was out of the town for several months and just got the mail regarding to the settlement. I am a past comcast customer. Will I still be able to fill the claim now? Thanks for answering.

David Sugerman says

I am afraid that you missed the deadline.

jose says

Has Comcast made the payments specified on July 11 and are they paying customers on Aug 11? is that correct?

David Sugerman says

Comcast paid the attorney fees, and the legal team made its charitable contributions. We are awaiting confirmation that Comcast made its charitable contributions. The date of distribution is August 11. For continuing subscribers, a credit should appear on your statement on the bill that goes out on or after Aug 11. For former subscribers a check should issue on that date. Keep in mind that Comcast is entitled to challenge the number of late fees claimed and also to deduct outstanding balances from amounts due in settlement. Please call or email us if you have questions.

David Sugerman

Michele says

How can you confirm that your claim has been received.

cable providers in my area says

Looks like Comcast changed their lineup codes again. Comcast refuses to give me the TVGOS code as it is something the "manufacturer of my DVR is responsible for", while the TVGOS setup screen says "contact your cable provider for your proper lineup code".

Paula Kimbrough says

I was an comcast cust. is it still to late to claim. I have many past due billing from 03-0

David Sugerman says

Yes, it is too late to file a claim to participate in this class action

Troy Beckman says

I just heard about the late fee settlement. I received no notification from comcast by mail or any other form of communication. After inquiries to several of my friends who are also current comcast subscribers, I found none of them were notified. Was comcast required to notify every customer or just a random sample? Seems like some sort of oversight would have been provided for in the settlement. Any info would help. I definitely had or have a claim if I had been notified.

David Sugerman says

There were bill stuffers for current customers, mail notice for those former customers who were still in the Comcast database, a web page, many blog posts, news paper notice, and news stories. The case went on for years. In a class of this size, it is hard to give good notice to all. We had court approval of the notice plan and worked hard to get the word out. Sorry you missed it.

Darren Kolar says

Comcast Is a Ripoff!!!

I had a Comcast Technician come out on the 3rd and he said the Modem I was using was the wrong modem and wasn't capable of the speeds I was paying for. Same exact thing happened with my sister a year ago and they refunded her 120.00. I have been paying for Blast Internet for at least 2 years and should get credited at least twice that much. Both of Comcast's Technicians that came out said they should have realized I had the wrong modem when I was talking to them on the phone about connectivity Issue's because they can see what equiptment I have, and that I should get refunded the 10.00 a month blast Internet fee when I ordered It. Well the Fraudulent Company only wanted to credit me 40.00 and I ended up getting kicked out of their office. I am looking Into dumping this trashy company that screws over It's customers. Don't be surprised If you see me and a few others holding signs outside there store on mcgloughlin blvd real soon. Please leave this post up David :) I have the Document from their own Techs that proves they are at fault. And how can they credit my sister 120.00 and offer me 40.00 when I should get alot more for paying for the service longer?

Darren Kolar says

Hello David, I am wondering how many Customers Comcast Is Harassing and treating Unfairly because they filed a claim. They are messing with me Bigtime!

I just found out 10 minutes ago that I was charged 39.00 on my account for some wireless help and a 5.95 a month fee for a service I never needed or receaved. I have been to 2 Comcast offices to try and speak with a Supervisor and also by phone and have not been able to speak with one.

I want to Cancell my 3 services with Comcast ASAP! Unfortunately I am forced to keep their Internet service due to what I believe they call a Monoply? they have no high speed Internet providers In my area other than Comcast. I will keep trying to find another provider and just cancell my phone and cable with them. I have already talked several people Into changing services and several more are looking to see If they can get Century Link because they have High Speed Internet up to 40 mbps which Is alot higher than Blast Internet from Comcast and way you are locked In at a much cheaper price for 5 years!!! It all comes down to what area you live In.

When Tom Leedham was running for president of the Teamsters Union I made sure and put all the facts out there on many websites and forums about all his lies and what a Crook he was so he never got elected. I know how to picket and hold up a I said, I got people to go with a different provider other than Comcast from Facebook alone and I had to spend very little time and effort. Also from letting people be aware of other providers and their services works as well! These Crooks at Comcast can mess with me all they want, It's already cost them 2 of my services and several customers and I haven't even posted anything on any Forums or stood outside their office holding a sign talking to customers yet.

Teddy Ruxbin says

Used to be a comcast customer. They would not reduce my pricing at anytime, to get me into new bundles,etc. Not a new customer :(

There is no real alternative here in St Johns... no other hi-speed broadband providers.
Trying Clear WiMAX, but many 'capping' problems. I'll probably be back in Comcast's clutches..
the only game in town:(

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