Comcast Oregon cable TV late fee class action settlement

I will re-post this after the holidays, but this is important. Here is the link to settlement information on our Oregon cable TV late fee, including important information on how to make a claim.

If you are a class member and you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Paul Faber says

how many late fees can i collect on for how long can they credit acct or ??

David Sugerman says

You can collect as many late fees as you actually paid in the class period (July 2003 - Nov 2010). If you are an existing customer, they will credit your account. If you are claiming more than two late fees, you must include proof, which is either account statements or a notarized claim form.

David Sugerman

Paul Faber says

Thank You for your work and response if I have not saved statements for 7 years how can I access billing for that period in order to make a qualified accurate claim pretty sure I have more than two late fees in seven years

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