Western Culinary Institute Career Education Corp.-Order denying summary judgment and decertification

We’ve had requests for a copy of Judge Baldwin’s order denying defendants’ motions for summary judgment and to decertify the class.

I’ve attached a pdf version here: Orders Denying Dfts Pending Motions 040512

Cary says

Hi. When this lawsuit started back in 2008, I was one of the early former students who was interested in joining the class. However due to the timeframe that I went to WCI (9/2004 through 12/2005), I was no longer eligible to join. I am trying to research the decision why I wasn't able to. Is there a way that you can clarify this? Was it a ruling by the judge? This information would be much appreciated. Have a nice day!

David Sugerman says

The problem is statute of limitations. The case was filed in March 2008. At the time, the class could only include students who had enrolled and attended no earlier than two years from the date of filing, which is to say March 2006. The court confirmed that ruling when it certified the class. Even though you missed the deadline, you might want to talk to a lawyer who specializes in defending collection cases to see if you have some defenses to any efforts to collect on the loan.

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