Comcast Oregon late fee class action settlement–cable TV

We are starting to get calls and emails about the class action settlement with Comcast.

Here is the link to the settlement information

A few recurring questions:

1. The settlement applies to Oregon Comcast subscribers

2. It is limited to subscribers who paid late fees on Cable TV bills.

3. The link above takes you to a claim form which you must open, print, fill out and mail.

4. The mailing address for claim forms and deadline information for filing the claim are also in the link posted above.

More questions?

Contact us here. I am class counsel and will do my best to answer your questions.

Lance Wessell says

I have paid MANY late fees during the settlement period. I can only access my account online for a one year reach back of statements. Over the course of the settlement period I probably have dozens of late fee payments. I do not have records of the exact number. The best I can do is to "guesstimate" roughly the number. However I must submit the information under oath. What do I do? Is it okay to note on the claim form that the number of late fees claimed is an estimate? I have no problem with Comcast auditing my account to arrive at the correct number.

David Sugerman says

I can't give legal advice here. Please use contact information to contact us privately.

glen morgan says

I can only find online records going back one year...all previous paper bills ended up in recycling. I was charged late fees almost every bill since 2006. Im sure I had a late fee 11 months of every year. WHat should I do?

Glenn Robertson says

I no longer live in Oregon, how do I complete the claim form with when it requires an Oregon Notary? Can I notorize in a different state?

Paul Revere says

Lance Wessell is a lawyer, he "shouldn't" need legal advise. But, since he's such an inept lawyer, he probably does need a better lawyer to explain to him the simple laws here. Also, what "good" lawyer would (1) BE LATE on their bills, and (2) Be DUMB enough to publically admit it? LMAO

David Sugerman says

Actually lawyers need legal advice all the time. While I am very capable in the areas in which I practice, there are many areas in which I get legal advice. If I have a question about my business, about family law, about selling or buying property or other things like that, I hire counsel. It's too complicated for one person to master all areas of the law. Late on bills happens for many reasons. Sometimes there are good reasons and sometimes not. Good reasons may include that the billing entity's bills are totally unclear on due date, grace period, etc., the consumer may be sick or out of town when a bill is due, or the consumer may have suffered some catastrophic financial setback, like unanticipated medical bills, job loss, etc. The other thing to keep in mind is that Comcast is hardly the most virtuous of businesses, when it comes to prompt action to make things right....

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