A word from the editor about comments

This is something of a rant directed at spammers. Regular readers and interested visitors aren’t covered by this. But you know that!

Allowing comments on this blog is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing when I get thoughtful feedback that makes think about something. Ditto for those who ask questions about things that matter.

But it’s a curse because I’m left to weed out spam. Sure, my askimet plug-in does most of the work, but I find myself sliding through the alleged comments to figure out whether they are legit. It’s become a daily chore. So if you’re a spam flinger, let me save you a few keystrokes and give you some guidelines.

1. If it’s not in language that I read and can understand, it is presumably spam.  That’s not an “English only,” or jingoistic policy, as I read and understand several languages.  If it ain’t in one of mine, it’s gone. Hint: I do not read Russian, Chinese or Japaneses. So move along.

2. Links in the comment? Almost always dead, unless it’s clearly on topic.

3. commercial cites with general “I have bookmarked this post,” “great blog!” and references to RSS dysfunction? Dead and gone.

4. Confidential information about a legal matter will not be posted.That’s not spam; it’s just us protecting you from prying eyes.

5. Abusive or non-sense comments? Maybe posted with ridicule from me or maybe just deleted. Depends on my mood.

You have something to say? We’re all ears. We love comments. But this isn’t  a forum to provide any fool with internet access and our url with a place to post foolishness.

End rant.


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