Moving to dismiss the appeal brought by Career Education Corp and Western Culinary

For those interested, I’m posting our recent motion to dismiss and motion for reconsideration in Surrett v. Career Education Corp., our consumer fraud class against Career Education Corp for Western Culinary Institute/Le Cordon Bleu Portland students.

We had cleared all pretrial motions and were steaming toward our January trial date when the Career Education Corp defendants filed an appeal of a ruling made by the trial judge. The problem with that is that if the appeal is allowed to go forward, we will lose our trial date. We’ve asked the Court of Appeals to dismiss the appeal. Barring that, we’ve asked the Court to release those class members who aren’t affected by the appeal from the holding pattern so that they can go to trial.

Lots more about it than all that. But that’s the short version.

It’s dry and complicated, but it gives those who are in the class some idea of what the legal team is up to. Here it is in PDF: Plaintiff-Respondent Surrett’s Petition for Reconsideration and Motion to Dismiss Appeal

We will update when we hear from the Court of Appeals. Meanwhile, know that the fight goes on.


LM says

I graduated from WCI in the spring of 2008, with a 4.0 GPA. After graduation I was only able to find minimum wage, entry level jobs in low-end bakeries (that required very little of the skills I had learnt in school) working alongside illegal immigrants and other who had no professional culinary training at all. Have since moved on to another vocation. Glad to see someone taking WCI to task about their false advertising and misleading program.

patrick heitkamp says

I graduated from WCI in 2008 with a degree that states WCI/Le Cordon Bleu. Have yet to find a job still that would remotely help me afford to pay off this debt. I have been keeping up with all that is going on but mostly in the backend. Is there anything I can do to help? Or am I even able to be a part of this?

RA says

I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2011 from the certificate program. I originally was in the associates program but after seeing how the school was being rand and the professionalism of most of the teachers i knew it wasn't going to be worth it, i would of dropped out but i was already too far into debt( and still am) and i still had some hope. I wanted to know who can take part or even help.

Sai Rahul says

I was graduated with Le Grand Diploma Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, Australia.

"Frauds were Found Everywhere"

Found the frauds in my life for first time on September 16, 2011. The fraud2 the Registrar of the institute said "You are living illegally" and fraud No:1 a Marketer said "I'm only a Marketer what can I do" rest of the administration guys said that "Sorry we can't help you as you got "No Money Left". They gave me always the mark sheets and enrollments confirmations with errors being a International student with very very limited support I couldn't make this facts known to everyone. The prime targets set by Le Cordon Bleu Asia Pacific Marketing Liars are Indonesians,Koreans,Taiwanese and they have started a brach in Thailand so they are getting fooled there as well.And as we all International students come with English as 2nd language are brain washed and tricked into this schools with all certificates interconnected not letting studdent to change branch as everyone wish to go to Paris France itself as the fees around the world are pretty much the same. And we all were ill treated in the grounds of Australia by the employers during Internships they kept mouths shut as they were scared that they might loose their Certificates as most of the fees were huge and paid upfront and I was disrespected! illtreated!!! Left without Visa with No help from the Institute Globally Recognized IDP agents who were the reason for me to get stuck here in life today I can't go back nor get a good job and on top it I got a $100k debts back home in my country.Still struggling walking kms for earning my living expenses studying full time again in another Govt managed institutes. Govt keeps changing rules for International Migrants.Don't know if I will be made illegal is the only thing I am scared,feared,worried about for now praying to God please help me I need to earn and return my parents money back to them before I leave this nation or my loans against properties would go for Auction. :'(

David Sugerman says

Sorry, but I am neither trained nor licensed in Australia and cannot be of service.

-David Sugerman

Sai Rahul says

I'm a hard worker my parents know that they are helping always paid-off all my fees long ago which were around $77K and had a friend's personal lawyer who said I will help you if they deny to give all your Certificates and Medals on your Graduation Day but still they did and when I said I will be suing them if I don't get the correct Statement of Attainments and they send it to me through express Air-mail which were delivered within nextday and then the Medals and coat pins The Chef's and Lecturers are good and are very helpful but the fees is too too much $,$$,$$$!!! for the false promises they make and Adminstration and Marketers are Liars keep telling lies.!!!

Jameela Schacht says

We are all looking forward anxiously to more news about the appeal and the status of the January trial date.

David Sugerman says

Hi Jameela-The January trial date is off. The Court of Appeals denied the motion, so the case is delayed by appeal.

durand says

i graduated from le cordon bleu in 2006 i have yet make not even close to $50.000 they say that i would have make it is a every day battle with bills and student loans they stole my future. am i eligible for the class actions suit.

Jon says

Anything new with this lawsuit?

David Sugerman says

New post going up. Still on appeal. They go s-l-o-w-l-y.

Bereket Haile says

I believe I signed on for this class action. Is there a website or an email address I can find the info? Thanks

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