Quick away

Maybe the hardest thing about my busy solo law practice is taking time off. Between one child still at home, a busy, hard-working spouse and the demands of my case load, I am hard-pressed to get away.

So I jumped at the chance when our schedules aligned. Even with all we have going in our professional lives, Janet and I decided that we could squeeze out a 5-day vacation.

I’m not sure exactly who said it first–maybe it was me, “When the going gets tough, the tough go on a road trip.”

We’re off to Southern Oregon. We won’t go too far–a lodge on the Rogue River and a few nights in Ashland–but I’m sure it will be the perfect tonic for two overly-busy people who share a life. So I’ll be dark and quiet from my usual interwebz haunts for the next several days.

I won’t be far or gone for long. While I’m away, I know that Marla and Kristen, my awesome and reliable team, will keep things on track. They’re good that way. Very, very good.


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