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Thinking about our veterans today

I’m not a flag waver.  Never have been. Like the vast majority of Americans, I have treated Veterans Day as one of those days in the fall that I might have off from work. No thought to the meaning; no thought to the sacrifices that lie beneath. That changed in… Continue Reading →

A word from the editor about comments

This is something of a rant directed at spammers. Regular readers and interested visitors aren’t covered by this. But you know that! Allowing comments on this blog is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing when I get thoughtful feedback that makes think about something. Ditto for those… Continue Reading →

A boy and his dog

A Boy and His Dog was a mid-1970’s science fiction movie set in the rubble of the U.S. destroyed by nuclear war. It features a young Don Johnson and his telepathic dog. The title is fetching. The film–while flawed and violent–is darkly comic and memorable. I’m reminded of the… Continue Reading →